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1. Initial Phone Call

Fill out the quote form or give us a call to schedule a consultation. Please send photos of your existing space before the call so we can see what you see

2. Schedule Your Wiring Upgrades Project

On our scheduled call we will go through a series of questions about your Wiring Upgrades project and you will get a quote.

3. We get started!

Once the proposal is signed and the proposal is sent in, we begin transforming your home. You will share your vision and be updated every step of the way. 

Increase the Electrical Capacity of Your York, PA, Home With Updated Wiring

The wiring in your house provides the means by which electricity may travel to all of your appliances and gadgets. In light of this, you can appreciate how crucial it is to have functional wiring that is in good condition wherever you need it. You need a reliable electrician to handle all of your wiring upgrades, whether you’re wanting to add more outlets or are building a new addition.

What Justifies a Wiring Upgrade?

Although the idea of upgrading your electrical system can be stressful, wiring changes can keep your house secure and functional. Because there are so many appliances and gadgets that need a constant supply of energy, you want your cables to be in good shape to prevent expensive repairs or interruptions. You might want to think about upgrading the wiring for a few reasons, such as:

  • Adding new appliances
  • Preventing fires
  • Installing new outlets
  • Bringing your home’s system up to standards
  • Any renovations, remodels, or home additions

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