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Arnie’s Electric is a well recognized Veteran Owned and Operated Electrical Services Contractor in the greater York, PA, and Lancaster, PA Areas. If you are looking for an honest, reliable and quality conscious Electrical Services Contractor, then look no further!

Arnies Electrical Services


Upgrade your home's energy management with our Electrical Panel Installation service, ensuring safety and efficiency with the latest technology.

FAQ: How long does panel installation take? Typically, installation is completed within one day, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

Review: "The panel upgrade was seamless and professional. Noticeable improvement in our home's electrical performance!" - Jamie L.


Our Electrical Panel Repair service diagnoses and fixes issues swiftly, restoring your system’s reliability and protecting your home.

FAQ: Can you repair panels on the same day? We strive for same-day repairs, depending on the complexity of the issue.

Review: "Quick and efficient repair! Our electrical issues were resolved faster than expected." - Mark T.


Power your electric vehicle with ease. Our EV Charging Station Installation service offers convenient, fast-charging solutions at home.

FAQ: What types of EV chargers can you install? We install all major EV charger brands, tailored to your specific vehicle requirements.

Review: "Having a home charging station has been a game-changer. Fantastic installation service!" - Erin S.


Enhance your home’s safety with our Smoke Detector Installation service, ensuring early warnings and peace of mind for your family.

FAQ: How many smoke detectors do I need? We recommend detectors in each bedroom, outside sleeping areas, and on every level of your home.

Review: "Professional installation and great advice on smoke detector placement. I feel much safer now." - Alex D.


Eliminate flickers and outages with our Lighting Repair service, ensuring your home shines brightly and efficiently.

FAQ: Can you repair any type of lighting? Yes, we can repair a wide range of lighting types, including LED, fluorescent, and halogen.

Review: "Solved our flickering light issue quickly. Excellent service!" - Taylor R.


Brighten up your space with our Lighting Installation service, from ambient to task lighting, enhancing your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

FAQ: Do you offer outdoor lighting installation? Yes, we provide both indoor and outdoor lighting installation services.

Review: "Our new lighting has transformed our living space. Highly recommend their expertise!" - Naomi K.


Expand your home’s accessibility and convenience with our Outlet Installation service, adhering to safety standards and enhancing your space’s functionality.

FAQ: Is it safe to add more outlets to a room? Yes, adding more outlets can be safe and practical when done by a professional, ensuring adherence to safety codes.

Review: "The additional outlets have made our home so much more functional. Great work!" - Chris F.


Our Outlet Repair service ensures that all your electrical outlets are functioning safely and efficiently, correcting any faults with expertise.

FAQ: What are signs that an outlet needs repair? Common signs include outlets that are hot to the touch, sparking, or not providing power.

Review: "Immediate response and repair for our faulty outlets. Exceptional service!" - Dana L.


Our comprehensive Residential Services cover all your home electrical needs, from installations to repairs, ensuring your living space is safe and well-lit.

FAQ: Can you perform a whole-home electrical safety inspection? Yes, we offer detailed safety inspections to identify and rectify potential hazards.

Review: "Thorough and professional. Our home feels safer thanks to their detailed inspection." - Sam K.


Trust our Wiring Repair service to address and fix any issues with your home's wiring system, ensuring safety and compliance with electrical standards.

FAQ: How often should home wiring be checked or replaced? It's recommended to have wiring checked every 10 years, or if you notice any issues.

Review: "Professional wiring repair that solved our flickering lights. Highly skilled technicians." - Rachel M.


Our Aluminum Wire Replacement service upgrades your home's old and potentially unsafe wiring to current, safer standards, enhancing electrical safety.

FAQ: Why is aluminum wire replacement necessary? Aluminum wiring, used in some older homes, can pose a fire risk and should be replaced with copper wiring.

Review: "Knowledgeable and efficient aluminum wire replacement. Our home is now up to code and safer." - Owen N.

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