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Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

One of the most crucial components of your house is your electrical panel, which serves as the primary interface between the electrical system in your house and the power grid that supplies energy to all of us in York and Lancaster County. When external power enters your electrical panel, it is distributed among all installed circuits and sent through your wiring to power all of your plugged-in appliances, including your refrigerator, TV, smartphone, and more!

Arnie’s Electric can help you update to a new, modern panel that can tackle any electrical challenge if your current panel isn’t strong enough to power all of your appliances and gadgets or if it’s beginning to exhibit deterioration.

When Should I Replace My Electrical Panel?

Renovations to the Home: Now is a wonderful time to consider installing a new electrical panel, particularly if you’re updating your kitchen with new appliances.

Adding Outlets to Your Electrical Panel: Installing new outlets may require adding new circuits, and your current panel may not be able to support them.

Requirements for Home Insurance: In order for your insurer to keep your policy in effect, it’s likely that they will need your electrical panel to be of a specific model or to have been installed within a specific amount of time.

What Indicates That I Need to Replace My Electrical Panel?

A circuit breaker evaluation or inspection is a great idea any time of the year, but it’s especially important to check your breaker’s health in certain situations. If the answer to any of the following questions is yes, consider your home’s safety! You need to have a professional electrician assess your circuit breaker and ensure that your system is ready to safely provide power to your home.

  • Your circuit breakers trip regularly.
  • When many appliances are being used, your circuit breakers trip.
  • The noises coming from your electrical panel are peculiar.
  • Your electrical panel has a burning or smokey scent.
  • It seems like your gadgets aren’t receiving enough power.
  • There is physical damage or rust on your electrical panel.

Upgrade Your Home's Electrical Capacity

Your electrical system is the number one thing that determines how safe your home is on a daily basis. If you want to be confident in your home’s safety — and have access to all the power you need — a qualified electrician is your best bet. Here at Arnie’s Electrical Services, we are dedicated to you and your home. With years of experience under our belts, there’s no better team to evaluate and secure your electrical system! We guarantee five-star service, a friendly smile, and peace of mind every single time. Get the stellar service you deserve with Arnie’s Electric today!

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