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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Installing a specialized charging station from Arnie’s Electric will help you ensure that you’re giving your electric vehicle the best possible power as efficiently as possible. That way, your EV will always be good to go on any adventure!

The Benefits of Having a Home EV Charger

  • Boost your Home’s Value: With electric vehicles making up an increasing percentage of automobiles on the road, having an EV charger installed will become a major selling feature when it comes time to sell your home.
  • Safeguard the Batteries in Your Car: An EV charger can be set up according to the make, model, and kind of battery you have in your car. This way, the charger will charge the battery to its maximum potential and lengthen its life.
  • Benefit from Off-Peak Hours: You can set your EV charger to only charge your car during times when power consumption is at its lowest, which will result in a lower total cost of charging.

Reliable EV Charger Installation Services

When it comes to installing electric vehicle charging outlets, Arnie’s Electric can work with all EV systems for your space. For residential homes in the York, PA and Lancaster, PA areas, look no further than Arnie’s Electric. To help ensure your installation goes smoothly, buyers should ask, “Can my service panel handle the electrical load?” Arnie will perform an inspection to let you know if you need to upgrade your electrical wiring to handle the load.

EV Charging Station Installation

You can trust Arnie’s Electric with your electric vehicle charger installation in the York and Lancaster Areas. Charge your electric vehicle at home and always be ready to go wherever you need to travel.

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