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Over the years, the kitchen has become the central hub of the home, for everything from cooking to doing homework.  It needs to be easy-to-use, organized, and innovative.  Our kitchen remodeling services help you achieve all of these things.  Kitchen remodeling has recently become more affordable as a result of mass marketing and competition in production.  Let’s take a look at the most popular trends we bring to your kitchen:

Kitchen Remodeling Creates Space

Kitchen Remodeling York, PA - Arnie's Home ImprovementsThis year, kitchen remodeling trends are all about wide open space.  Instead of having a kitchen that is closed off from the rest of the house, homeowners are knocking down walls and turning the kitchen and family room into one large room. An open floor plan allows the person cooking to interact with the rest of the family.  In most cases, there is a kitchen island that separates the kitchen from the family room.  Homeowners are also adding bar stools at the island.  This way, families can sit and chat with the person cooking, while still having access to the television or other activities in the family room.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets give the look and feel of furniture, rather than a plain cabinet. Many manufactures are adding fluted columns, claw feet, and detailed moldings to help create the illusion of hand crafted kitchen cabinets, at a much more affordable price.  Solid hardwood is also all the rage right now – especially dark colors such as cherry or maple. The main vision of many designers is to bring elegance and class into an informal atmosphere during kitchen remodeling.

Sinks and Countertops

Top mounted sinks are a thing of the past. Under-mounted sinks are the newest trend for kitchen remodeling projects. The bowl of the sink is attached underneath
the countertop. Unlike top-mounted sinks, which have the lip of the sink showing on top of the counter, an under-mounted sink has clean, invisible sink lines.  This allows the homeowner to avoid getting dirt and grime down in the cracks of the sink. It is hard to tell where the sink begins and where the countertop ends. The industrial style sinks that are in many restaurants are a popular trend as well for kitchen remodeling. It is a free standing fixture with three wash basins and legs to add height.

Natural stone is still the popular countertop choice this year.  Granite is a popular choice, since it’s durable and easy to clean. Limestone is also a popular choice among countertop designers.  We take new, innovative approaches to kitchen remodeling by using different materials in different areas of the kitchen.  For example we may use granite or limestone on some countertops, butcher block for the kitchen island, and concrete on others.

Arnie’s Home Improvements will assist in your design, selection and installation of all of your kitchen remodeling ideas, needs, and accessories.

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