Emergency Backup Generators

Emergency Generator and Interlock Kit Installation

Why choose an interlock kit?

When you have a large enough wattage generator of your own is definitely the most cost effective solution for an emergency backup generator. So, that’s where Arnie’s Electric comes in, we’ll install a Generator Interlock Kit to your Service Breaker Panel and the proper receptacle for your emergency backup generator.

When an interlock switch is properly installed, it prevents the generator circuit breaker and the main circuit breaker from both being on at the same time. An interlock kit is a safe and cost-effective way to ensure you’re using a portable generator safely.

Are generator interlock kits safe?

When you install a generator interlock, you eliminate the biggest danger you can create when you connect a generator to your home’s circuitry: the danger of back-feeding power from your generator into your main power. This can also be accomplished with a transfer switch, but a generator interlock kit is less expensive and easier to install.

Also, Arnie’s Electric will patch, repair and paint any drywall or plaster that might be compromised during your Emergency Backup Generator and/or Generator Interlock Kit installation project.


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