Lighting & Fan Installation

Looking For Lighting & Fan Installation?

At Arnie’s Electric, we have installed well over 500 ceiling fans, LED ceiling lights, and chandeliers in homes across the York, PA and Lancaster, PA area. Our experience spans from standard hugger fans on 8’ ceilings to chandeliers on 18 foot foyers. Lighting can instantly transform a space (indoor or outdoor) and we love participating in transforming your vision for your home into a reality. While we don’t claim or aim to be designers, we’re happy to provide our opinions when asked. Brightness, color, and types of lights are everyday topics of discussion for us.

We strive to have the best values in the York and Lancaster area, whether you invest one time with us to install lighting or a fan or $1,000+, our goal remains the same – we want you as a happy and lifelong customer.

Arnie’s Electric will also patch, repair and paint any drywall or plaster that gets compromised during your install or add-on to your electrical service.

With Arnie you will instantly feel comfortable with welcoming him into your home. Call or Text Arnie’s Electric today to schedule your Lighting or Ceiling Fan Installation services in York. 717-855-6254