Dependable Electrical Repairs

Dependable Electrical Repairs

When any part of your electrical system is not functioning appropriately, often this is a sign to take action. Electrical issues pose a safety and fire hazard to your home and family. It’s best to address a small problem with your electrical system before you risk a system breakdown.

Knob and Tube Wiring is usually a hazard because of antiquated insulation on the wires along with no ground protection should a current fault happen. Also, some insurance companies won’t insure your homeowner’s policy if you have knob and tube wiring. Arnie’s Electric can replace all your knob and tube wiring too.

Arnie’s Electric will also Patch, Repair and Paint any drywall or plaster that would get compromised during any of your electrical repairs, rewires or additions to your electrical services project.

Arnie’s Electric provides expert residential electric repairs performed by licensed electricians throughout the York, PA and Lancaster, PA Areas.

Live safely and comfortably in your home knowing you’ve put your trust in a professional team. Read on to learn more about the electrical services in York we offer or reach out to us today to schedule your electrical repair. 717-855-6254