Common Electrical Repairs

Common Electrical Repairs In York and Lancaster, PA

Here at Arnie’s Electric, we’re committed to working for the safety of our community. Let our trained technicians repair your electrical issues and help you regain peace of mind about your space. Some of the electrical repairs we perform most often include:

  • Replacing worn-out wiring
  • Flickering lights
  • Repeatedly tripping breakers
  • Replacing electric meter or panel
  • Light fixture replacement
  • LED retrofits and Ceiling Fans

We’ve visited thousands of homes in the York and Lancaster, PA area so you can be confident in our work. That’s why we’re proud to say we’ve been Keeping Our Clients Satisfied Since 2008!

Timely Repairs

When you need an electrical repair, Arnie’s Electric knows that timing is key. We will get your repairs done quickly and professionally by a licensed technician. If left untreated, many electrical issues pose a serious hazard. From electric shocks and arcs to house fires, stay safe with reliable repairs from our team.

On every call, we come with company trucks stocked with the essentials to get the job done that day to settle all your anxieties. We’re prepared to take on any job, no matter how big or how small. For timely electrical repairs for your York or Lancaster home, turn to Arnie’s Electric.

Arnie’s will also patch, repair and paint any compromised drywall or plaster that we may have to remove for the repairs or additions to your electrical repair needs.

From whole-house power outages to a single flickering light, we can do it all. When you need electrical repairs, don’t delay. Reach out to Arnie’s Electrical Services today! Call or Text 717-855-6254