Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

An at-home electric vehicle charger, or EV charger, is a must-have for the dependability and convenience of your electric vehicle. Make sure you’re ready to get where you’re going by allowing yourself to charge your vehicle at home. Arnie’s Electric is a certified EV Car Charger Installation electrician. Our team can install your EV charging station for your York and Lancaster, PA area home. You can be confident in our work season after season. You can depend on us since we’ve been Keeping Our Clients Satisfied Since 2008! Types Of Electric Vehicle Charging Outlets In York and Lancaster When it comes to charging your electric vehicle at home, you have options. For residential chargers, it’s recommended that homeowners opt for either a type 1 or type 2 charger. The three types of EV chargers are:

Type 1 Charger

This type of charger fits into a standard, 120V outlet. It’s possible to use a standard electrical outlet to charge an EV, but it will take over 24 hours for a full charge so it’s better to install a dedicated outlet for your charger.

Type 2 Charger

This charger utilizes the same voltage as a dryer or water heater. For a dedicated EV charger, professional installation is required. This is the most popular type of charger for at-home EV stations. You can fully charge your vehicle in less time than a type 1 – generally in under 10 hours.

DC Fast Charging

A different type of charger that utilizes direct current. This charger style is not available for residential use. These EV chargers are found at gas stations, along highways, near airports and other places for public use. Some people argue it’s possible to install this charging station for residential use, but it’s excessive – you wouldn’t install a gasoline station in your yard to fuel your car, would you?

Full-Service Electricians For Your Space

When it comes to installing electric vehicle charging outlets, Arnie can work with all EV systems for your space. For residential homes in the York, PA and Lancaster, PA Areas, look no further than Arnie’s Electric. To help ensure your installation goes smoothly, buyers should ask, “Can my service panel handle the electrical load?” Arnie will perform an inspection to let you know if you need to upgrade your electrical wiring to handle the load.

You can trust Arnie’s Electric with your electric vehicle charger installation in the York and Lancaster Areas. Charge your electric vehicle at home and always be ready to go wherever you need to travel.

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Embrace the latest in EV technology with an at-home charging station from Arnie’s Electric. Get your vehicle ready to take you anywhere and go out on the road with confidence. If you’re ready to install your electric vehicle charging station today, reach out to Arnie’s Electrical Services  York at 717-855-6254 to schedule your installation!



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