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Whether the interior of your home needs painting or a fresh, finished look, we install crown molding trim and decorative trim that provide a GREAT finish to your home.  Arnie’s Electric is a fully licensed contractor, serving the areas of York, Lancaster, and Hanover, PA.  We offer many types of trim and moldings to choose from, depending on your home’s atmosphere and budget.

Crown Molding Transforms Even The Simplest Of Rooms

Crown Molding Installation York PA - Arnie’s ElectricCrown molding trim and decorative molding add charm and vitality to any space. Choosing the right molding will fill even the simplest rooms with character and warmth. Charm aside, installing crown molding trim and decorative interior trim is one of the lowest-cost investments, with the highest dollar return one can make in Home Improvement. This appeals to many people – especially in the current economic situation, when it may not be the right time to buy or build a new home.

Baseboards are the most common trim used in homes.  We offer baseboards in sculpted styles as well as plain varieties.

Crown molding trim is an interior trim installed around the top of your wall, against the ceiling. Trim can be fairly simple, or very ornate.  Along with baseboard and chair rail, crown molding trim is often painted in a contrasting color to show off its design. Crown molding trim is often used in living and dining rooms, as a more formal embellishment. It also makes a striking addition to your kitchen, bathroom or master bedroom.

We also offer other types of interior trim, including chair rail, panel molding, wainscoting and picture rail.  Chair rails are nice dining area addition, because they protect your wall from being dented by chair backs.  A picture rail is used in a room that you hang pictures in.  This setup was popularized during the Victorian Era, and lends a rich element to your office or living room.

Crown Molding Chair Rail Wainscoting York PA - Arnie's Home ImprovementsWhile a new home may not be in your budget, a home improvement renovation will add enjoyment to your home.  Increasing your home’s value might be ideal, especially if you are thinking of selling in the future.  Start with our custom decorative molding to update and upgrade your home or room. The addition of custom decorative molding will ensure an enjoyable, elegant, unique and functional space.  Even if you decide not to modify door casings or baseboards, crown molding trim’s sole impact on your room will be remarkable.

No matter which molding style you use in your home – crown molding, chair rail, picture molding, door casing, window casing, or even fluted columns – you can be sure it will lend a polished, finished look, and add charm and vitality to any space.

While many homes on the market right now are newly finished, there are older homes in need of renovations and TLC.  While many homeowners simply paint their houses to update them or put them on the market, molding and trim can be installed as an accent to increase the sale price.  Often, if molding and trim is already installed, it needs to be replaced.

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